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Patio Heaters
  • 26 Inches Industrial Pedestal Fan MC26P

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  • 26 Inches Industrial Wall Fan MC26W

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  • 30 Inches Industrial Pedestal Fan MC30P

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  • 30 Inches Industrial Wall Fan MC30W

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  • Atmosfera Dual Misting Fan

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  • Portable Mist Fan

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  • Wall Mounted Fan BM20W

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  • Wall Mounted Mist Fan WMF26

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Overview of Misting Fan Dubai

Cool Master misting fan Dubai use evaporative cooling to cool you faster. Our powerful fans mist and speed the evaporation process leaving you fresh and cool. It uses centrifugal technology instead of high-voltage technology. It has no nozzles. There are no complex pump connections or complex cable combinations in Misting Fan Dubai. Mobile use and maintenance are very convenient. You can tilt it. The amount of water mist can be adjusted randomly. This spray system can suppress dust, adjust the atmosphere, when the water droplets evaporate to reduce the ambient temperature of 4-8 degrees. The surrounding area can be used to achieve 30-50 square meters. So that the environment becomes clean, cool and comfortable.


Misting Fan in accordance with the principle of water atomization into two categories:
  • The first category, centrifugal Misting fan
  • The second category, high-pressure nozzle Misting fan

Working Principle

Centrifugal Centrifugal Misting fan works in the rotating disc and fog droplets under the action of the device, the use of centrifugal force to produce ultra-small droplets, thus greatly improving the evaporation surface area; droplets through the strong fan blowing air, to improve the liquid surface wind to speed up the diffusion of gas molecules, so the evaporation of water greatly increased, the water in the evaporation process to absorb heat and reduce temperature, while improving air relative humidity, reduce dust, clean air; Is the use of centrifugal force generated droplets, so called centrifugal Misting Fan High pressure nozzle type High-pressure nozzle Misting fan works under the action of high-pressure water pump, with tens of kilograms of pressure, through the high-pressure nozzle to produce fog, droplet diameter is less than 10 microns, so evaporation surface area greatly improved, Blowing the air, greatly improving the liquid surface wind speed, accelerating the diffusion of gas molecules; this fan is through the use of high-pressure nozzle to produce micro-fog, so called high-pressure nozzle atomization cooling fan.

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