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Furnishes, brightens and refreshes the pleasure of experiencing the outdoors. The piece of furniture with a modern taste it is Cool Master UAE Dual Misting Fan. Turn your patio into a real living area. Cool Master Dual Misting Fan is a proposal for outdoor furniture that reflects the design and production philosophy of Cool Master UAE. The brand always puts first design, quality materials and versatile products. Thanks to the shelf you can benefit from the advantage of having a piece of furniture with a comfortable and practical support. The actions of fogging are essential features of this piece of furniture.


  • Pumping unit F40 (with low water block)
  • Powder coated painting for long durability
  • 2 X “20” inch Fan with misting ring of 6 anti-drip fog nozzles
  • Analogic timer, to set pause/work cycles
  • 30L tank, 7h autonomy with time pause 10″/work 5″
  • Kit of 2 wheels