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Tent Cooling

Recommended Products

Summer is the perfect season to rent a tent if you are planning to host an outdoor party, however, your fears from the heat are not yet over as calculating the exact necessary require cooling for a tent is not an easy job, also deciding what type of air conditioner will fit your tent decoration is a big decision.

Have you ever thought why your central AC is freezing your bedroom while your living room is not? I will tell you why!! One of the biggest challenges for the building contractor is the heat load calculation and unfortunately most of the contractors they do wrong calculation. The same concept applies for tent, so what if your tent supplier calculate the heat load mistakenly? Your wedding, events, engagement party, corporate events are spoiled and believe me you don’t want this memory to become a tragedy.

Calculating the heat load includes a lot of factors such as, is the event is during the day or during the night, how many people will be there inside the tent, what about the lights inside the tent so unless you are dealing with a professional tent supplier who has an engineer to do the calculation then you should be worried.

At Xconcept we have more than 6 years’ experience in tent cooling, we managed to cool even the big sizes tents such as 100×100 without failure so if you are worry about your tent cooling solution please pick up your phone and call us now.

We recommend the below products for tent cooling:
  • Free Stand AC 5 Tons
  • One Ton Portable AC
  • Two Tons Portable AC
  • AC Package Unit 25 Tons

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