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emergency cooling

Emergency Cooling

As the name says, Emergency cooling is used when HVAC and air conditioner systems fail so let’s discuss the applications of the emergency cooling:

Xconcept emergency air conditioner units are manufactured specifically for commercial and industrial use. They are available in a series of sizes and capacities and are expertly manufactured to deliver the most efficient cooling in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and anywhere in UAE.

For emergency cooling back up, just a few degrees can have a tremendous impact on electronic equipment and business. That’s why Xconcept is trusted by thousands of customers nationwide. Our backup portable air conditioner system is the most efficient and dependable way to ensure your business keeps running. There are some businesses where a backup air conditioner is absolutely vital. Sensitive environments, including manufacturing, building cooling, retail and, of course IT equipment, all of them can suffer dramatic consequences when HVAC systems fail.

Temporary Cooling

When it comes to temporary cooling our wide range of air cooling unites are there to help you, but why temporary cooling and why not permanent cooling? Why people will hire an AC for temporary propose? If it is for the emergency cooling then why we wrote this article? let’s make clear here, temporary cooling is the need of cooling in a place which is built for temporary purpose or a place which is constructed or renovated recently and the permanent A/C is not yet operated so let’s list down some temporary cooling applications:

Below are the recommended air conditioners for different applications of emergency/temporary cooling:

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