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Industrial air cooler which is also known as evaporative coolers, provide great cooling results for large applications where commercial air cooler won’t work efficiently. Thanks to huge volume of air which our industrial air coolers generate, the difficult puzzle of cooling places like warehouses, workshops and construction sites has been solved. Using industrial air cooler to cool down large applications is not only the best option and choice, it is also cost-effective solution since the power consumption to cool a place using traditional air conditioner is six times more than using our industrial air cooler Our industrial swamp cooler uses the natural process of water evaporation to reduce heat and naturally humidify the air. These heavy-duty portable coolers work by passing warm, stuffy air through a damp evaporative cooling pad that absorbs heat and transforming the hot air into a refreshing cool breeze.

Portable Industrial air cooler:

Our portable industrial air cooler powerful CFMs for large hot places such as warehouses and workshops. Our heavy-duty portable air cooler is known also as spot cooling so they are the best choice in case you want to cool down particular areas within your premises

Ductable industrial air cooler:

Although ductable industrial air coolers don’t have a compressor they can still achieve almost 70 to 80% of cooling which traditional air conditioner can achieveusing the same running costs of an air cooler.


  • Single phase
  • overload protection
  • coolers deliver exceptional performance at a lower price
  • ensures comfortable working atmosphere
  • increases productivity

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