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Patio Heaters
Gas patio heaters are specially designed and extremely well suited for heating patios, decks, sun terraces and other outdoor areas/structures. By providing circular heating radiation, patio heaters provide one of the most economical, clean and environmentally friendly fuels available in a range of stylish and aesthetically pleasing designs. If you are looking for wide range heaters then you can check these most affordable Heater Rental Dubai

Among various electronic appliances that are extremely necessary for living a comfortable and worthy life, heaters are definitely notable among them. If you are also searching for high-quality outdoor gas heaters, no other brand can replace the efficacy of the heaters of the brand Heat Master UAE. What makes us the most reliable brand for the best quality heaters?

Being one of the leading brands that heaters, Heat Master UAE offers numerous outdoor gas heater products like pyramid gas patio heaters black, pyramid gas patio heaters, stainless steel, patio gas heaters, mushroom brown, and patio gas heaters mushroom stainless steel.

When we think about outdoor heaters, we get the Mushroom Gas Heater or the Pyramid Gas Heater in our mind. These heaters are available with long stems and huge circular tops.

There are some important reasons behind the choice of these classic and portable heaters. It ranks among the top categories of propane heaters for residential, industrial, and commercial usages. Heat is applied directly from a safe & secured flame

The outdoor gas heaters we offer include either AA or AAA size batteries, quartz tube, aluminum alloy frame, and an 11 kg gas cylinder with a gas consumption rate of 870gm per hour. The gas type that is used in these heaters is LPG. The heat output of these gas heaters is a maximum of 13KW/ 41000BTW. Without a gas cylinder, the gross weight of these heaters is 27kg.

These heaters include a height of 220cm or 7.2 feet with black and brown powder-coated steel bodies. The major USPs of these heaters are a Safety Auto-Tilt shut-off system with hose and wheels. As a noteworthy brand. Besides all these extraordinary features, all our outdoor gas heaters include an anti-drip control system policy.

If you wish for outdoor gas heaters in Dubai, we are the best name since we deliver all our heater appliances with a waterproof cover at an additional cost. Our heaters are not only attractive, stylish, and easy to maintain, but they are also robust, strong, simple, and highly safe to use. All our heaters are available on the market with highly efficient packaging and flawless delivery procedure.

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