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Welcome to XConcept Established in 2010, we are the premier suppliers of Outdoor Cooling & Heating products in the Middle East. We are reputable air-conditioning and heating contractors that specialize both in the installation and maintenance of large residential, commercial and industrial-scale projects. Whether you need assistance with outdoor heating, outdoor cooling solutions, data center cooling, air-conditioning or refrigeration or even require heavy duty air cooler in Dubai, XConcept boast a seasoned team of industry-leading experts. We have been operating for more than 7 years with our directors possessing in excess of 60 years combined industry experience.

Our company is a popular entity serving clients for a decade. We are serving by providing cooling appliances on a rental basis to clients in the Middle East. By turning to us, all your queries related to air conditioner installation & maintenance in commercial & residential areas get cleared. With a team of professionals possessing optimal understanding of air conditioner installation and maintenance, we are widely trusted on a colossal scale in the industry. Clients appreciate our services and are satisfied by them.


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Temporary cooling solutions

Xconcept is specialized in providing temporary cooling solutions for different applications such as .

Cooling & Heating Solutions

Do you need outdoor air cooler to attract people to your resort, restaurant or spa during the hottest time of the year? Do you need to create a safer industrial environment for your employees? Perhaps you need to regulate the temperatures to prevent heat stress in your cattle, your horses, our children or our rescue operatives? It is precisely because of the necessary results of outdoor cooling, humidification and fog effects that concepts such as “quality” and “absolutely critical features” matter.

We at XConcept protect your investment and ensures that you have a system that performs for years and years to come. A majority of clients, from different industries, have applauded the quality & provision of our products. XConcept promises something for everyone because we understand the budgetary constraints. Therefore, no client faces the slightest hassle after approaching us for placing order for cooling & heating products.