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One of the best cooling solutions for large applications such as factories and warehouse. These air coolers unlike the portable air cooler provided with four large cooling pad which make them provide double cooling results, besides, the air is pressurized inside this air cooler before it is been pushing out through the small slot, this process allow the air to be through up to 25 meters from the air cooler. Although ductable industrial air coolers don’t have a compressor they can still achieve almost 70 to 80% of cooling which traditional air conditioner can achieve using the same running costs of an air cooler

Features and Benefits:

  • Continues water supply
  • Available in wall and ceiling mounted designs
  • Two times cooling results comparing to other portable air coolers
  • With proper annual maintenance these air coolers can last for years
  • LCD control panel


Airflow:18000 m3/h
Power:1100 Watt
Cooling Area:75-100 m2
Fan Type:Centrifugal
Water Tank Capacity:40 L
Fan Blade:3 speeds
Dimensions:950x1100x1100 mm