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Penis Enlargements that we here call decrees and royal commissions. Behind them goes another Sangley on a horse, wh.o is said to be Penis Enlargements the secretary of the three mandarins. Before them go in file six Sangleys with staves upon their shoulders, on the ends of which are white tablets with characters of gold, which is said Penis Enlargements to be the insignia of alguacils. Six other Sangleys carry little banners of Penis Enlargements different colors, with characters written upon them in the Chinese tongue, which are said to indicate the great authority and wide jurisdiction of the said mandarins. One Sangley, who they say is a minister of justice, bears a piece of cane as thick as one s arm, lacquered in black. Among these goes a Sangley with two small kettle drums and four others with canfonias and other musical instruments which they use, all of them playing. Before all these people go six Sangleys, two of whom carry two iron chains, which are said to be to put on those w.hom they are ordered to arrest two others carry two cords tied to sticks upon Penis Enlargements their shoulders, Penis Enlargements which are said to be to tie those whom they are ordered to flog the other two, Penis Enlargements who are called upos , which is the same a

s executioners in Espana, bear two half canes four dedos wide and a braza long, with which they flog the delinquents, whom if they wished they could kill with a few strokes. what is epic male enhancement Between these go two Sangleys each one of whom cries out in his own language from time to time, with loud shouts and it is said that they reverse kegel men are Penis Enlargements calling out, Make Penis Enlargements way, for the mandarins are coming, and as soon as they come out of their houses, and until Penis Enlargements they enter them again, these cries are kept up. When Penis Enlargements the Sangleys meet the mandarins, they flee from them and hide themselves and if they cannot do this how to produce more seminal fluid they bend their backs very low Penis Enlargements with. their arms extended upon the ground, and remain in this position Penis Enlargements while the mandarins pass, which is quite in the the cheapest male enhancement pills form and manner which is customary in the said kingdom of China. Sunday afternoon Penis Enlargements in front of the house of one of the said mandarins they MS. torn whipped an Indian or mulatto in the street before the house of the said mandarin the latter male stamina pills being at the window , in judicial form according to the Chinese usage. Yesterday, Monday, they flogged a Sangley in his own house and another Penis Enlargements one they put to the hand torture, qui

Penis Enlargements

te according to their usage. Two of those who are said Penis Enlargements to correspond to alguazils, bearing the said banners as a sign thereof just as the long staves of justice are borne in Espana , seized a Christian Sangley in the MS. illegible of the licentiate Christoval Tellez de Almacan, your auditor of the.said royal Audiencia, saying that they were going to take him before a mandarin, who had ordered them to seize him but when they were outside of the house of Doctor Antonio de Morga, an auditor of the said Penis Enlargements royal Chancilleria, he Penis Enlargements came to a window at hearing the noise, and stopped them. He did so because this is administering justice, and all these things are insignia thereof whence no little scandal has arisen in this city of Manila, on account of the grave offenses which have been committed here by the said persons Penis Enlargements who call themselves mandarins, and by the others whom they have with them. I give information of this so that suitable action in this matter may be decided upon Penis Enlargements and decreed, Penis Enlargements and which, if necessary, I offer my services to investigate. I beg Penis Enlargements and beseech your Highness to command and decree whatever may be fi.tting in such a

case, and that information may be given concerning this my petition, and concerning what may be x monster platinum 1350 male enhancement pills decreed in regard to it, in order to inform thereby the royal person of your Highness for which, etc. I demand justice. The Penis Enlargements licentiate Geronimo de Salazar y Penis Enlargements Salcedo In public session on the twenty seventh of May in the year Penis Enlargements testosterone boost with male enhancement one thousand six hundred and three. Let the long and thick penis investigation duromax male enhancement pills be immediately xynafil male enhancement pills made, and committed to Penis Enlargements the secretary, Penis Enlargements and the results brought up for judicial action. Esquivel Then follows the above mentioned investigation depositions by various persons, corroborating the statements of the fiscal and Penis Enlargements a decree