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IdroTech misting systems for civil and commercial cooling

We offer custom solutions to satisfy any need in the misting sector. We design and produce misting systems using high-quality components. Our systems offer a versatile solution, especially when a traditional air-conditioner would be ineffective or too costly. The systems can be installed both outdoors and indoors and are available in easy-to-install kits.

The misting system brings water to a pressure of 60 to 100 bar and, by means of special nozzles, atomizes it into droplets of just 10 microns. The atomized water evaporates instantly, lowering the ambient temperature.

Humidification made easy

The versatility of our humidification systems enables them to be used in a variety of settings, including fresh product counters, produce, meat and fish displays, and wine cellars. We aim to offer the most economical solutions to effectively humidify the air.

Our simple, light and quiet misting systems are easy to regulate, come with all of the necessary components and offer high performance.

We produce misting systems designed specifically for dust prevention and fine dust suppression.

Idrotech has developed dust prevention systems that act immediately to prevent dust from forming and dispersing in the surrounding area during demolition, mining, or excavation activities or when moving inert materials.

The pressurized water from the misting system (at pressures ranging from 60 to 120 atm) is released through nozzles directly into the areas where dust is being created, preventing its dispersal.

Tailor-made misting 13 an easy-to-install cooling system based on a simple concept.

Cooling with misting and temperature reducing systems for indoor and outdoor use.

On livestock farms (poultry, sheep, pigs, horses and cows) misting has decidedly beneficial effects, both for the animals and the workers. Making use of these cooling systems prevents product loss and also improves yields.

IdroTech misting systems provide economical, continual humidification directly in the work area.

We develop control devices and advanced technology that promote hygiene and protect the environment.

IdroTech systems are particularly effective for climate control in greenhouses, offering extraordinary benefits for maintaining an ideal microclimate in greenhouses of any size. Humidity can be controlled by keeping it at a constant level, thereby ensuring increased yields and a reduction in maintenance costs.

The ideal tool to treat and control odours in large environments in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Compared to alternative odour control methods, IdroTech misting systems offer greatly reduced costs. The energy costs are low and installation is quick and easy.

The systems can be used in large outdoor spaces, surrounding the entire area of a landfill with a line of misters, or inside waste sorting facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, livestock farms and petrochemical refineries.

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