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Outdoor Events Cooling
In the hot days every outdoor events require cooling, so whether it is private party, birthday party, wedding, corporate event and national event outdoor cooling machine will give your audience the comfort they deserve. So since outdoor cooling is one of the main factors which will make your outdoor event success so we decided to help you in this regards by listing and describe all types of outdoor cooling machines:

Outdoor pedestal fan

Pedestal fan is like any other fan which we use inside our houses but the difference is that outdoor pedestal is bigger and stronger. Pedestal fan might be an option for outdoor cooling if the humidity is less than 50% otherwise we will recommend the other types of the outdoor cooling machines specially in UAE where the humidity is always above 50% during the hot season

Portable Misting Fan

Mist fan as the name says is fan but with water spray system which need to be installed in the front of the blades so that air gets mixed with the water and obviously become colder (4 to 8 degrees). Although mist fan is more efficient than the pedestal but like any other products it has advantages and disadvantages so what are these disadvantages? As the matter of fact the mist fan has only one disadvantage! It cannot be used in all outdoor events such as outdoor dinners, weddings where people are either sitting on dining tables or wearing formal clothes due to the water drops which come from the mist fan. So on another words, mist fan is ideal for outdoor events which takes place in the deserts, beach parties, swimming pool parties and kid’s parties

Outdoor Air cooler

The best amongst outdoor cooling machines and the only machine which doesn’t have disadvantages Although this machine uses water to operate but it doesn’t spray water, the water gets evaporative inside the machine itself which reduce the temperature of the air and makes this machine throw only cold air. The commercial air cooler particularly are sound proof and its gentle air makes this machine the best choice for all event organizers who want the best for their customers. But how I know how many air coolers I need to cool down my party or event? The main factor which will help you to take the right decision is the setup design of your outdoor furniture, for instance if the setup is round tables and each table is surrounded by 8 to 10 chairs then you will need one air cooler next to each table At Xoncept we have special team who will help you to take the right and cheapest decision either by discussing over the phone or by conducting a site visit

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