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To have a well control over the temperature of a wide range of space, such as a large living room or commercial establishments, the most appropriate choice is the floor standing air conditioner.

When you are planning to buy a floor standing air conditioner you can put in your mind that some of them has the choice of anion send function as it can clean the air, to ensure health. And some Floor Standing Air conditioner with a mode locks function, operating conditions by the owner, on the business premises or families with children at home will be more useful to avoid unnecessary damage.

In addition, the air supply range which this floor standing air conditioner produce is wide enough for working in large spaces. At present, most of the floor standing air conditioner can cover more than 15 meters, plus wide-angle air supply.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Level Cooling Performance
  • Healthy Air
  • Easy Service
  • Precise temperature control

Download Datasheet (3 Ton)

Download Datasheet (4 Ton)

Download Datasheet (5 Ton)

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