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Outdoor Events Cooling

Outdoor Events Cooling

United Arab emirates is a happy country, That 19s why Everyday people are organizing more and more outdoor events . Whether festivals, concerts or private wedding, more people are enjoying their time outside. During hot Spring and summer in UAE you might ask yourself, What is the best way to cool off my outdoor event, portable misting fans or evaporative cooling machines?

Evaporative Cooling Machines

Evaporative Cooling Machines works by moving air flow through a water soaked Cooling Media pad. This operates with a water Tank at the base of the unit from which water is pumped to the top of the unit. The water cascades down this evaporator pad via gravity. A fan in front of the unit pulls air though the soaked pad, thus cooling the air 14somewhat similar to a car radiator. These systems are often referred to as evaporative coolers, swamp coolers, desert coolers or wet air coolers.

Misting Fans

Fresh water is drawn from a source , A powerful water pump forces the water through centrifugal misting disk . This high pressure pump and misting disk combination produce a very fine vapor which quickly evaporates 14in fact it flash evaporates when introduced to moving air. This action requires energy, which is obtained by drawing heat out of the air, thus cooling the air dramatically .Since the water evaporates so quickly, the result is cooled air without creating a damp environment. This cooling method is effective up to 90% humidity in open/ventilated environments, without increasing local humidity. With enclosed/unventilated environments, such as greenhouses, humidity levels can be increased.

Other benefits of outdoor misting fans:
1: Uses Fresh Water only.
2: Portable misting fans are extremely mobile and easy to transport, making a small footprint.
3: Self Contained units do not need a permanent water source.
4: Very quiet when operating.
5: Fans blow elevated dry mist away from floor and oscillate for better air distribution.
6: Very energy efficient.
7: Attractive and non-obtrusive design.

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